ARTIST MIXER: Queer Love Shakes Us To the Core w/ Midori

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Welcome to the first Queer Love 2023 ARTIST MIXER! We invite fellow Queerdo artists, performers, musicians, photographers, organizers, designers, producers, animators, filmmakers, educators, and hair & makeup stylists to join us in a conversation about how Queer Love shakes us to our core. To help stimulate conversation, ”Tectonic” artist Midori will share a peek into her process of creating a large-scale, rope installation at Arcana SF that queers notions of geography, place, and material, which can help us in our search for connection, belonging, and love. Realest Exposure will be there to capture the magic via Instagram Live in case you cannot make it. 

Queer Love 2023 ARTIST MIXER facilitates connection between and among all who attend by offering a starting point for conversation, a simple & optional & fun activity that helps you meet new people, and Queer Love 2023 Manifesto that clearly states who we are, how we see the world, what we believe, our collective dreams, and the commitments we make to each other.

Queer Love 2023 is co-created by Queerly Complex (Jason Wyman & John O’Reilly), Realest Exposure (Tray Smith), Crystal Mason, Headprint House (Teddy Benjamin & Jessie Sunday), Ash Tré Phillips, and Midori. It officially launched on November 30, 2022, at Headprint House in San Francisco. It is a volunteer-run endeavor.

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