San Francisco Pride 2023: People’s March In Fern Alley

Realest Exposure co-hosted an interactive pop-up booth during Pride Sunday with @queerlycomplex @hamjob_1 @Indyindyworld & @trayareal1 . This remarkable event took place on July 25th, 2023 at the People’s March—a alternative pride march that was a vibrant celebration of diversity and love. 

At our pop-up booth booth, attendees were invited to immerse themselves in a interactive activities that celebrates the LGBTQ+ community’s resilience and joyous spirit. Through captivating street interviews conducted alongside with  collaborators @queerlycomplex @hamjob_1 @Indyindyworld & @trayareal1 , the community had the opportunity to share their unique stories through a Mad-libs activity that infused being queer into every stanza filled out by guests—experiencing delightful playfulness while expressing individuality and identity with sheer delight. 

Realest Exposure successfully crafted an inclusive space alongside @queerlycomplex @hamjob_1 @Indyindyworld & @trayareal1 that was brimming with queer fun, authenticity and dedication that fostered unity within our communities coming together for queer love.

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